How to sell your motorhome and avoid wasting your time

Ashlee Rose

Written by Ashlee Rose

Written by Christine Carter, TrailLite Owner, Fulltime Motorhome Liver and Life Lover

With a background in sales I thought it would be easy to sell our TrailLite Motorhome privately... well how wrong was I! A goal of ours was always to build a new motorhome with TrailLite and now after picking up our beautiful new home we couldn't be more excited to be living and working from it full time.

The challenge with selling our previous 2005 TrailLite was, as we were living in it full time we needed the handover to be the same day we took possession of our new one at TrailLite Pukekohe. We didn't think this would be a problem the price was right at only $98,000-  2005, loaded with extras, new paint job and looking really nice! So we advertised privately with plenty of time to spare before our brand new one was ready! Well it took three months, so much time, stress and annoyance and still it didn't sell!

When you try to sell your motorhome on Trademe

The first bad experience with private selling came almost as soon as I put her on Trademe - The Scammers! A scam inquiry came through disguised as a genuine buyer. Luckily I didn't reveal any details however it took time, effort and unnecessary stress through the whole three months it was advertised privately to decipher which inquiries were legitimate and which were scams. On more than three occasions the latter worked out to be the case.

Secondly comes the Tyre Kickers! These were almost harder to reveal than the scammers. Disguised perfectly behind genuine questions and bookings for viewings. It wasn't until we drove half way around the country side to show them that their true colours were revealed. They didn't have the budget, the layout wasn't at all what they were looking for or a car license was preferred - regardless of the fact all of these features were clearly displayed in the advertisement. How frustrating!

Thirdly but certainly not least The Negotiators. We could also call this group of time wasters and stress inducers - 'The Dreamers'. Tons of calls where the first question was "would you take $78,000", "would you take $85,000" before they had even seen it, understood all its great features or even researched the justification of the price!

When you get TraillLite to sell your motorhome

Thankfully roll in TrailLite who had it on their yard for three days and one open weekend before they sold it completely hassle free, secured the price we wanted and without any stress incurred by us at all! Now we only wish we hadn't wasted the three months trying to sell it ourselves and had just waited!

We highly recommend using the expertise ands sales resources of TrailLite when considering selling your motorhome or caravan!

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Written by TrailLite:

TrailLite have a team of sales and marketing professional who can get the best price for your motorhome or caravan, they offer  great after sales support and care, handle all the inquiries and advertising and all you have to do is sit back, relax and dream about your next adventure!

Photos of the Carters 'old' motorhome

Photos of the Carters 'old' motorhome


Photos of the Carters 'old' motorhomePhotos of the Carters 'old' motorhome



Ashlee Rose

Written by Ashlee Rose

Ashlee is the Marketing Manager at TrailLite who loves traveling both New Zealand and abroad. She loves the ocean, the beach, the sun and all things outdoorsy and adventurous!