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Shaun Newman

Written by Shaun Newman

Part of what makes TrailLite unique as a company is our world-class customer service. Over the last five years, we've surveyed everyone who chooses to do business with us, and the results put us amongst the best in the world when it comes to customer satisfaction. One of the key reasons we've been so successful in delighting our customers is through our handovers; they are comprehensive, exciting, super fun (you get to hang out with us for the day) and informative. 

We've been working on a project for the last six months called the TrailLite knowledge centre. The idea was to raise the bar even further on the service that we provide to our customers both when they collect their motorhome and while they are out and about using it.

It's where we take the brains of Andy, Kerstin, Deb and the rest of our customer service team and put it online for your viewing pleasure. We wanted to create something that allowed customers to troubleshoot issues with their motorhome or caravan really easily and efficiently - no matter what time an issue arises. Plus we wanted to create an online version of our handovers so that customers could learn at their own pace. Stop and start video so they could play with their motorhome at their convenience. In our customer feedback we often get asked to put the handover online so they can view it later and continue the learning. It's a big day, and we understand it's exciting, something people have worked along time for and often can be a bit of information overload.

 While we hadn't been making much progress on it, we've been able to kick it right into gear during level four COVID-19 lockdown and produce an amazing online handover to accompany all our new owners. Our new click and collect online handover process allows us to continue to make our customer's lifestyle dreams come true while we're all navigating the COVID-19 level system.

What do click and collect handovers look like

  • You'll receive a full copy of our COVID-19 level three policy, so you're clear how we're keeping you and our staff safe. You can also find a copy of that policy here. 
  • We understand a lot of people are reluctant to travel and so we're happy to deliver your motorhome/ caravan to you. Otherwise, you are welcome to collect your motorhome/caravan from TrailLite. Both methods have a similar process. However, If you chose to collect from TrailLite we will agree an appointment time with you. On arrival you will need to complete our COVID-19 contact tracing register at and sanitise your hands. And of course, there won't be any handshakes, hugs or hongi's because two-metre physical distancing is super important.
  • Once you have your motorhome or caravan you'll be free to learn about using it from the comfort of your home via our online knowledge centre. 
  • Each of the segments of our handover process are broken down online with video instructions, things to note and troubleshooting. You'll go through the handover lesson by lesson in an orderly fashion and have time to stop after each segment and cement what you've learnt by practising on your own motorhome/caravan.
  • Once you've gone through your "motorhome training" our handover specialists will connect with you in a screen to screen check-in. Don't worry it's not an exam and there won't be a test. Think of it as an opportunity to ask questions go through your motorhome or caravan one on one with a specialist and make sure we're all confident that you're ready for life on the road. 
  • We're also contactable to help you through any questions that might come up, and we'll continuously be adding more videos and lessons as our customers require them.

 We're excited about this and we know that it will add heaps of value to our all our current and future customers! And while we're currently restricted and not able to roam as freely as we'd like sometime soon we'll be able to hit the road and start exploring New Zealand by motorhome again. 

Beginners Guide to Motorhoming from TrailLite


Shaun Newman

Written by Shaun Newman

Shaun is the General Manager at TrailLite and a passionate motor-homer. When he’s not at work or chasing kids around their many weekly activities you can find him travelling. Overseas when time and budget allow, otherwise exploring this beautiful country in a motorhome built for 5.