Living in a motorhome- is it for you?

For many, living in a motorhome traveling the country seems like something that only happens in the movies or on travellers blogs. But for many of our TrailLite owners, it's actually a way of life, a way of exploring and a way of enjoying the little time we have on this earth to the absolute max. 

Take the Kirkwoods for example. They're full of stories, full of life and full of memories created from many years on the road. You'd be hard pressed to find a bike track they hadn't cycled or a town they hadn't explored. All while enjoying the creature comforts of the perfect motorhome for living full-time.

For many, living full time in a motorhome is a great option for early retirement. You could sell the house, invest in something smaller in a location where rent is lucrative and purchase a motorhome. This may sound like pie in the sky thinking but for many it's actually quite an achievable goal and something that, not only gives them a lifestyle they'll enjoy, but also something to return to once, if ever, the dream is fulfilled. 

For many, the idea of living full-time in a motorhome may seem completely foreign and not something they would enjoy at all. But for many others, it really is a lifestyle they aspire to. Living in a motorhome can be suitable for many different scenarios and lifestyles: 

  • When you're between houses. For many, they'll sell a house and travel for 6-12 months through New Zealand before they set up a base again. The motorhome will become their home although only short term. 
  • Health scare fast tracks lifestyle balance and the desire to see more of our country. 
  • Full time for the summer every year. We have lots of customers who move into their motorhome come the sunnier days of spring and head south hoping to catch the last of the snow melting of the mountains and return when the leaves start falling from the trees. Just in time to enjoy the grandkids' winter sports and reconnect with family before hitting go again. 
  • Full time full time. For the Kirkwoods, Carters, Jones and so many more of our customers, it's business as usual from the road. Life isn't for staying in one place, as is so suitably displayed on the back of the Kirkwoods TrailLite 968xx  - "home is where you park it".


Starting to think it might be for you but need a final push? There are so many great benefits to living full time in a motorhome and one of the main ones is the luxury of time to explore. Imagine travelling through life with no set itinerary. You may have destinations you want to get to in time for a rally, event or group cycle trail but you're not governed by the pressure to return in time to shift the cows, mow the lawns  or even to return to the office. More benefits to full time living include: 

  • More time to explore the towns you find yourself in.
  • Live like a local in every town and city in New Zealand - buying from the farmers markets, meeting the locals and community catch up, cooking up the local food in the comfort of your own kitchen.
  • Stay and return to the places you enjoy, move on from those you don't 
  • Self-contained freedom camping makes it a cost effective and enjoyable option. You can head to a doc site for extended periods of time and just get back to nature.  

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Now that you're convinced living full-time in a motorhome is for you, think about what is the right specification and motorhome to ensure you can enjoy all those benefits. With help from the Kiwkwoods and other TrailLite owners who enjoy year round motorhome living, we asked what exactly is the perfect motorhome for those who are considering living in one, and compiled a list of the top 10 things you'll need to love full-time living: 

  1. Power, solar, battery and invertor capacity. You'll need something capable of powering you full-time in all weather conditions. Plus, an in depth understanding of the system and how it performs in all conditions will be important so you don't get caught out with no lights on a stormy night! 
  2. Black tank and flushing toilet 
  3. Large storage capacity 
  4. Comfortable lounge seating area - you want to be able to enjoy time in the lounge without feeling uncomfortable and crammed 
  5. Powerpoints and USB points throughout the motorhome in convenient locations is important 
  6. Comfortable mattress and a bed that is made up and easy to get in and out of. There's no point getting something that has to be made up each night as you'll soon get sick of that 
  7. Good outside lighting with a suitable easy to use awning 
  8. Large fresh and grey water tanks are a must. The average couple uses 50 L per day 
  9. Kitchen facilities - you'll need adequate bench space, a good quality cooking system with full oven separate grill and at least 3 hobs.  
  10. Heating system- a 4Kw diesel heater would be best. 

A great option for full time living is our 900 series - specifically built with full time livers in mind 

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Everyone will have a unique set of needs, a personalised wish list and a different set of lifestyle dreams they are trying to fulfil. A coffee machine for the perfect morning coffee may be fundamental to some, while a washing machine will be a non-negotiable to others. Everyone has individual needs and that is why it's so important to sit down and discuss what you are looking to achieve with a knowledgeable expert.

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One thing is for certain - once you hit the road and become someone living full-time in a motorhome, you won't look back. We've never had anyone buy a motorhome, either to live full time or just for holidays, come back and say motorhoming isn't for them! Safe to say you'll love it! 

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