New or pre-owned -  what are the benefits of each?

Many people are often set on the decision to go new or used above anything else. They will compromise on everything else because of a set of beliefs about what going new means without truly understanding the benefits of both.
When it comes to making a purchasing decision, a vital step we see that is often missed, is getting clear on the non-negotiables. Unfortunately you don’t know what you don’t know. So many who are new to motorhoming and caravanning end up learning by trial and error - an expensive exercise that can be so easily avoided. Don't rule out a new or pre-owned motorhome or caravan without first getting clear on all of your requirements. 
So first things first, lets' get clear on what your requirements really are - the unseen specifications. This is easily achieved by making a time to meet with a TrailLite consultant who will walk you though a consultative process, allowing you to identify your non-negotiables - because not everyone’s needs are the same.
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Once you have completed that easy step, it’s now time to look at the possibilities.
As a result of your consultation, we are able to focus on the brand, floor plans and features that are relevant to what you're looking to achieve while on the road and not necessarily focusing on whether it's new or preowned.

So if we go new, what are the benefits?

  1.  You can start with a clean slate, no kms and no home job fix ups and add ons. 
  2.  You can control the motorhome or caravans maintenance, appearance and overall presentation. 
  3.  You can choose a product that has strong resale value and a low cost of ownership. Total cost of ownership will differ significantly between all the brands. 
  4.  After sales service and warranty back up is important. When buying new, you can buy a product that not only has a good solid warranty, but has the service level to support any warranty claims. 
  5.  There is a lot of choice when buying new across any budget range from approximately $129,000 through to $350,000

If we go preowned - we have the following benefits to consider:

  • We can choose a motorhome brand that may not be in our budget now, however is very affordable when buying preowned. This could allow us to achieve the right specification, so we can buy once and buy right. Think about this example: a couple wanted to live full-time in their motorhome/caravan so they needed big solar, water, battery and storage but, their budget was less than $140,000. A great option for them was a second-hand TrailLite Kaikoura. It ticked all their boxes, including budget, and because they were not fixated with buying new, they were able to get the perfect motorhome for their needs. 
  • The motorhome or caravan is likely to have taken a big chunk of its depreciation which lowers the total cost of ownership. Imagine buying something and selling it a few years later having only cost you a few thousand a year for all the enjoyment! 
  • Some motorhomes and caravans are really well looked after and look as good as new after 5 years! 
  • You can get second-hand motorhomes and caravans that are just a few years old.
  • Some can still have valid warranties and, when purchasing from a reputable dealer, you can be assured of its pedigree. 

Common mistakes to avoid:

  • Not making the time to do a needs assessment with knowledgeable experts. This can result in you focusing on such things like length over your actual needs.
  • Buying something that is not quite right and needs improvements or features added after market (ie. extra solar, battery etc.). You can easily over capitalise a motorhome or caravan with the costs of adding all the extras you need to make it right for you.
  • Buying new when a preowned motorhome for the same value would have given you what you actually required
  • Not checking annual maintenance records for a pre-owned motorhome or caravan and, figuring out that some parts need repairing for example, things like roof vents, heaters and windows may have a shorter usable life than other aspects of the motorhome or caravan. 
  • Using trial and error to work out your needs - very expensive and time wasting.
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