Mandy Davies

Mandy is heads up TrailLites team of product specialists. Mandy has been sharing her passion for creating dream lifestyles for 12 years. She loves sailing the Hauraki Gulf with her partner Greg, and loves the beach lifestyle she shares with family and friends.

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Questions to ask when buying a motorhome

30 August 2018

Over the last few years, we've noticed a massive trend towards people new to motorhoming looking to start of their on-road journey. Unfortunately for most, purchasing a motorhome can feel very overwhelming. You don't know what you don't know and being new to the experience can often leave you quite vulnerable to making the wrong decision for your intended purpose

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RV vs campervan vs motorhome

14 June 2018

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Caravanning 101 basic terminology

18 April 2018

So you want to get out on the road and enjoy our beautiful country and you are thinking a caravan is the way to go. We understand why, it’s cost effective especially if you already have the tow vehicle. It allows you not only to explore our stunning country but for some it’s a great lifestyle choice whether you are full time traveling or live permanently onsite near family and friends.

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The top 5 reasons to upgrade your existing motorhome or caravan

26 January 2018

Many people at some time or the other will start considering upgrading or changing their existing motorhome or caravan

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What can you expect when trading in your motorhome or caravan?

22 December 2017

Not dissimilar to cars and homes motorhomes and caravans often need an upgrade, downgrade, change or replacement. While recent studies suggest the average age of a motorhome is about 8 years we see people changing a lot more and less frequently then that.

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New or pre-owned what are the benefits of each?

6 December 2017

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5 reasons why motorhoming is a good retirement option

17 November 2017

Motorhoming is not only an option for the retired and hundreds of different demographics turn to a motorhome or caravan as their preferred lifestyle. However, it's certainly fast becoming more and more popular as the desired lifestyle choice for so many reaching retirement.

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Living in a caravan - can you survive?

5 October 2017

Living in a caravan is something I can relate to... not only have I helped a few of our customers into their caravan homes but i've also dabbled in caravan living myself. So here is my story, get inspired if i can survive so can you! Learn from my mistakes and ensure you flourish in your caravan living experience.

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