Simply, the best motorhome yet

Have you found yourself wondering what all the fuss is about with this new TrailLite 300+ motorhome?

Wondering what makes this TrailLite so special other than the fact we're all pretty proud of it and keen to shout its praises from the rooftops?

Well heaps, of course, that's why so many are selling so quickly.

You may have seen all the super proud social media posts, stories in the magazines and heard all the comments on the street from our 300+ owners. All who are stoked to be the new owners of these great machines!

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One of our most significant product developments yet

It was an extensive project involving all the key people in the business including Pete, TrailLite Managing Director and 40+ years motorhome builder. It was a year in the making and revisited every piece of product feedback we'd ever received from either customers or TrailLite staff.

We enlisted the help of world-class manufacturing and industrial designers who brought the latest trends in automotive design to motorhome manufacturing.

There is no need for added extras

We tried to factor into the motorhome everything most motorhomers want and need as a standard. We looked at what was often selected as an optional upgrade, things like water filters, bigger water and more solar, and just included it all as standard. There is a benefit to us in this and of course a big benefit for you... no hidden costs or extras required.

With a very well-considered and innovative design, we’re confident the new 300+ series is going to be one of the best, most popular motorhomes on New Zealand roads.

High feature to price ratio

With the point above in mind plus the fact that NZ's leading manufacturer builds the 300+ and it's packed with quality and a craftspersons touch,  the price ticket doesn't sound all that high. What is high on the other hand is the features list and the value for money. It's like buying the standard room at the Ritz Carlton - you get all the same features, inclusions, access to luxury and of course the same fantastic service, but without the ocean view and the butler. I'd say that's good value for money and smart buying.

By approaching the product design with the aim of building a motorhome that doesn’t need added extras, we now have a range that has it all - world-class design, luxury and functionality - in a remarkably affordable package.

The VW

Sorry to say it to those Mercedes Benz fans, but the VW is making a comeback in a big big way. It's en Vogue. The cool kids' way of saying it's in fashion and I don't think it will be long till more and more of these luxury cars grace our streets. But why does that matter with a motorhome. Two reasons:

  1. Everyone loves the idea of driving a Mercedes Benz it has a certain ring to it. Like you're a member of the Elite. Which of course you are! However, the VW is quickly becoming in the same league. I mean Hugh Jackman, Justin Timberlake, Heidi Klum are all VW drivers.
  2. The specification in the motorhome is in most areas superior (when compared to the standard 500 series Mercedes Benz). The VW has 410Nm of torque, rear dual driven wheels, all the latest safety technology like autonomous braking, lane-keeping and 8-speed automatic transmission. Meaning it is powerful and amazing to drive.

I don't drive a manual as a preference, and I took the first 300+ for a spin with the manual gearbox and it was an absolute breeze to drive.


Designed by our interior designer

Our product design team worked for months perfecting the interior colour scheme and design of the 300+. Not only is the colour scheme and upholstery important but quality control and the lifetime of the products chosen was crucial. All the elements needed to blend well together and the fittings and fixtures need to withstand our quality checks.

What this means is everything is the latest release and in line with current trends. I'm no interior designer, but I know that with great lighting and good use of colours and textures you can maximize the feel and warmth of a space! Which is exactly what has been created in the 300+. There is no risk that the design won't work as it's been carefully curated by an expert!

Why would you buy anything else?

Simply put you wouldn't. There are manufacturing efficiencies that exist for us in producing a motorhome that isn't loaded with different options, add on's, floorplans and base vehicles. Our craftsmen and women love building them because they come through the production line in batches meaning they can focus purely on building one type of motorhome, with one specification to the best possible standard.

What this means for you is that we've made it as attractive as possible to potential motorhomers to make sure it's their first choice! Of course, for some people who are looking to go full-time or take a motorhome to Australia, the 700 or 900 series may be more suited to their unique needs however, keep in mind we have both full-timers and potential Australia routers loving what the 300+ has to offer. In fact, our first owner and user, Christina Scurr, is currently somewhere in our amazing country living full time in her 300+, loving every minute of it.

If you don't believe us take a look and browse through the specification list for yourself!

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