The top 10 motorhome layouts

There are hundreds of different floorplans/layouts of motorhomes for sale. So many that at times it can be quite overwhelming figuring out exactly which one is going to be perfect for you.

At TrailLite we have 46 slightly different floorplans to choose from across our entire range however despite there being so many we can narrow these down into 10 layout 'themes'. The decisions that come next are things like budget, base vehicle (front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive), fit and finish.

If you need more help then  Download the buyers guide otherwise read through our top 10 motorhome layouts and their benefits:

Single beds

This layout sees two single beds positioned in the rear some have the bathroom at the rear while others opt for a bathroom in between the beds and lounge (better for those using it as a 4 berth).


  • Offers flexibility as to who you can take with you; a friend for a golfing or fishing trip, the grandkids during school holidays, or we see lots of couples choose this option because of a snoring partner or to maximize comfort during warm summer nights.


  • There is no permanent double bed for couples although the lounge does convert to a double


Rear Island Bed (North South)

The rear island bed is one of the most popular floor plans and is popular with those looking for their "last" motorhome. They may have motorhomed for a while in something where the bed was over cab or they didn't have a permanent bed at all. The rear island bed has access on both sides and is normally a true sized bed optimizing comfort.


  • Comfortable, accessible, functional, it's super easy to make the bed
  • The bed usually allows for great internal and external storage perfect for those wanting to take toys away with them.


  • For this layout, you'll need to be somewhat flexible on length. You'll be hard-pressed to find a 5.99m motorhome with a rear island bed but expect lengths of 7.3m upwards.

Oakura 554.png

Island bed (East West)

This is the sister to the north-south island bed but usually sees the bathroom be positioned at the rear. This can offer a really spacious bathroom with a toilet on one side shower on the other and plenty of room to get changed. The full sized bed is east-west between the lounge and rear of the motorhome


  • Comfortable, accessible, functional, it's super easy to make the bed
  • Rear bathroom is spacious
  • Can come in a full wall slide out variation


  • There is less storage in this model than in the north-south variation
  • No internal door to block the living off from the bedroom


Bed over the cab (North South)

The north-south bed over cab offers the best of both worlds; a large rear lounge with huge windows allowing the relaxing day-time living and a permanent bed over the cab with access from both sides. These floorplans are best when there are permanent steps up each side of the bed.


  • Heaps: spacious, open plan day-time living plus a permanent bed
  • Easy to access plus you don't need to climb up and down ladders
  • The rear lounge is always popular and converts to additional sleeping for grandkids or families.


  • Head clearance can be a problem and varies by model
  • Knees - as our customers get older it can get harder to maneuver in and out of bed meaning they eventually like to upgrade to a model with a ground-level bed.


Bed over the cab (East West)

This is the sister floorplan of the north-south bed over cab motorhome. You'll pick one of these up relatively easily second hand which is good for those looking for a second-hand bed over cab - the north-south sister is a lot harder to come by with most needing to buy new to secure this layout. The basic premise is the same as above however with an east-west bed.


  • Same as above really apart from taking note of the access to the bed. Is it a ladder? or are steps concealed in a cupboard? Who is going to be using this bed? In some 6 berth floorplans, this may be the kids who'll have no problems accessing the bed via a ladder. If you're the primary user make sure you're comfortable climbing into bed.


  • East-west does mean someone is sleeping on the inside if you're sleeping as a couple up there. Climb into bed and test it out to make sure you can both get in and out easily.

Rear u-shaped lounge with drop-down double bed

This model is a great 7m-8m motorhome optimizing space due to the fact there is no permanent bed taking up floor space during the day. Come bedtime you can bring it down without much effort at all. Most of these will be electronic, accessible by the push of a button and able to be stored during the day fully made up (except for needing to store the pillows).


  • The U shaped lounge everyone loves
  • You can leave the bed fully made up making it super easy to climb into bed at night
  • Easy to convert the beds to 4 berth sleeping positions
  • Access is easy with most coming down enough to allow you to hop on without needing a ladder or steps.


  • It's hard to make the bed
  • Head clearance in the lounge can be compromised however this is very easily mitigated with most people getting used to stepping down to sit on the lounge seats.


Front lounge with drop-down double bed

This is a great compact option. For those looking for something short (5.99m), you'll be hard-pressed to find something better than this floorplan. There are a few variations to this, mainly focused on adding extra storage space at the rear for another 1m of length. The concept of this layout is that the main bed is a drop-down over the spacious front lounge with the kitchen and bathroom (and storage for the slightly longer models) are at the rear.


  • Day time lounging is a dream with heaps of space and an open plan feel
  • You could get at least 6 people around the table for evening drinks despite only being 5.99m long
  • The bed is easy to put down at nighttime and easily accessible
  • You can opt for something a little longer 6990m and gain heaps of external and internal storage
  • Easy to convert the beds to 4 berth sleeping positions.


  • Be sure to check payload on the shorter motorhomes to make sure that you have enough carrying capacity to take with you what you want
  • The bed can be a little challenging to make up.


Rear bunk beds with drop-down double bed

A great family option with two single bunk beds in the rear and a dropdown in the front over the lounge. You can put the kids to bed and enjoy some time in the lounge/dining playing cards or drinking wine. The double bed drops down electronically from over the lounge.


  • Kids can go to bed without everyone in the motorhome needing to go to bed as well
  • Bunk beds could be a good option for people travelling alone, offering a compact motorhome with the option to sleep 4 if ever needed.


  • Sometimes the bunks can be considered the main beds so check the weight loading of the drop-down bed to ensure you can use that bed for parents when using this as a family motorhome.


Download the Benimar product brochure to find out more about this floorplan:

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French bed

There are quite a few variations of this floor plan, which one is right for you will be dependent on your unique circumstances. A french bed configuration is where one side of the bed is against an exterior wall of the motorhome. These can be north-south or east-west and are usually but not always at the rear of the motorhome.


  • Permanent bed option available in a shorter length. You can see this floorplan from as short as 5.99m


  • One person sleeps on the inside meaning you'll need to climb over the other to get in and out (when sleeping as a couple).


Floorplans with slide-outs really are the pinnacle of motorhome luxury and offer so much extra space, functionality and an open plan feel normally reserved for apartments! You can get slide-outs to extend the bed in an island bed model, to extend the lounge maximizing space in the living, or ones where the whole side of the motorhome slides out including the bed.


  • Space, space, space
  • Great for full-time living or people considering spending long stints on the road
  • Still, plenty of space when the slide-out is in


  • They do add to the price of the motorhome
  • They are relatively easy to use but you'll need to remember to bring it in before driving off


The perfect floor plan for you and your lifestyle will differ from the next person - be sure to consider how you intend on using the motorhome, who you're taking with you and how long you plan on being away. Try to think about these things first and then the floorplan will likely become clear over time.

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