Why you should get a consultation before buying a motorhome

4 March 2021

Are you planning to buy a motorhome? Good on you! Don’t rush things though, speak with a knowledgeable consultant before signing on the ‘dotted line.’

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What is it like renovating a motorhome?

30 April 2020

While buying a new motorhome or caravan is a great option for a lot of people, buying pre-owned can be a better alternative for many others. That could be due to a multitude of factors including budget, availability or simply coming across the right motorhome on the pre-owned market.

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Maintaining your motorhome and caravan- what are the yearly maintenance requirements

23 July 2019

A motorhome or caravan is, for most, an expensive purchase and one you'll be committed to keeping in the best possible condition. Like a car or a house, motorhomes and caravans require regular and consistent love and attention but not too much to put you off! It's just about understanding the basics and be open to a maintenance schedule that will pay off in the long run.

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A first time trip for a motorhome newbie

18 April 2019

I’m an Aussie (don’t hold that against me) who spent most of my family holidays touring Australia in a caravan, mainly visiting surf beaches anywhere from Victoria to the Whitsundays.

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5 reasons the Benimar is the best value motorhome in NZ

30 November 2018

I have been lucky enough to enjoy a fair few adventures in the Benimar motorhome range since I started working here. From South Island solo adventures to surfing the New Plymouth Surf Coast Hwy from fishing in Twizel to Ferry crossing on the Cook Strait. And after all that, it's safe to say I wouldn't say no to more...

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Questions to ask when buying a motorhome

30 August 2018

Over the last few years, we've noticed a massive trend towards people new to motorhoming looking to start of their on-road journey. Unfortunately for most, purchasing a motorhome can feel very overwhelming. You don't know what you don't know and being new to the experience can often leave you quite vulnerable to making the wrong decision for your intended purpose

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Can a motorhome tow a car, a horse trailer a boat?

10 August 2018

So you have the motorhome, but you've decided you want to take more away with you on your trips. So lets throw a tow bar on the back, hitch up the car, and drive off into the sunset- if only it were that easy!

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Which motorhome brand is best

5 July 2018

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