What is the NZ Motor Caravan Association?

Updated Jan 17, 2023New Zealand Motor Caravan Assosiation - NZMCA

The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association is a membership based organisation representing the interests of private motor caravan owners in New Zealand.

We ensure safe and enjoyable motorhoming and caravanning opportunities, provide information needed to experience all our country has to offer with friends and family, while respecting New Zealand’s natural environment. 

Keen to learn more about whether joining the NZMCA is right for you?

You can check out their website here

There are many aspects to NZMCA, and many reasons why people choose to join. Members receive benefits including, but not limited to; discounts on services and products, free and low cost overnight sites with NZMCA parks and park over properties (pop’s), a dedicated insurance scheme and a range of handy publications & digital resources.

People also join for the camaraderie, sharing their experiences with like-minded people via Rallies, AGM’s, Events, Safaris and Spring Clean.

The NZMCA works closely with government and local governments, on issues concerning freedom camping regulations, the standards for certified self-containment, and the implementation of the dumpstation program around NZ.

The NZMCA also promotes the domestic tourism market, through initiatives like the Motorhome Friendly Towns, and Off the Beaten Track encouraging members to the rural and provincial areas of New Zealand.

Prepared in conjunction with the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association. 

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