5 reasons why motorhoming is a good retirement option

Motorhoming is not only an option for the retired with hundreds of different demographics turn to a motorhome or caravan as their preferred lifestyle.  However, it's certainly fast becoming more and more popular as the desired lifestyle choice for many reaching retirement. 

Hundreds of 60 somethings start researching and dreaming as the retirement age nears. When it arrives they are still fit, active and have a taste for adventure that favours motorhome travel. We even have some with a motorhome in NZ and a motorhome in Australia because why not spend summer here and winter somewhere warmer! 

Motorhoming in retirement

So like me and so many others, you may be at that stage in life where retirement is on your 5 year plan.  All of a sudden it’s time to consider how we are going to make the most of this special stage of our lives. We've spent our lives to date putting our heart and soul into everything we do including our careers.

It’s now time to put this energy into oneself and start planning, researching and enjoying the dream of how we're going to enjoy our retirement years. Not only am I considering what retirement could look like for me, but I've spent the last 12 years helping so many choose motorhoming as their ideal retirement lifestyle.

What makes motorhoming so appealing as a retirement plan? Why do so many turn to it and could it be a good option for you? Here are 5 fun personal reasons why motorhoming during retirement appeals to me and some of the hundreds of customers I've helped over the years: 

Physical and mental wellbeing:

Exploring our beautiful country and it’s people is key to maintaining physical and mental well being. We live in the most stunning and diverse environment and we are privileged to have access to self-contained freedom camping, which is unique to NZ . We can park up, head off on a walking track or cycle into town. Head down to the beach and catch fresh fish, or start your favourite puzzle with a view of the ocean. A quality motorhome will give us an experience of a lifetime, keep us mentally and physically fit (getting off the beaten track) and feed our souls, wellbeing and relationships.

Relationships are important at this stage in life:

Not only a relationship with yourself or your partner, but also with new friends. Motorhome travel helps so many connect with new people, develop new relationships and get back to enjoying one another's company. Motorhoming is a very social way to travel, with many of our customer travelling together, meeting up with new friends and forming new long-lasting relationships with other like minded adventurers.

Motorhoming while retired

Being involved in my children’s and grandchild’s lives:

This is where a motorhome with big water, battery and solar capacity gives us flexibility to visit our families and enjoy time with them, all while maintaining our total independence. Retirement gives us the beauty of time, more time than most of us have ever been blessed with. Using that time wisely is the reason why so many of our customers turn to a motorhome. They want to enjoy time with family, share journeys together, be there for their grand kids and travel, but with the comforts of their own space and 'motor' home. 

Financial freedom 

Many of us spent most of our lives working hard and developing an asset portfolio for our retirement. Now is the age so many look at their assets as more work than enjoyment. We've spent our working lives paying down debt and securing our asset base. Now is as good a time as ever to redistribute our wealth, sell up a property that is becoming too hard to maintain and reinvest in lifestyle. For so many a motorhome becomes the answer - it's cost effective in comparison to a house, easy to maintain, fun and of course favours lifestyle over more 'work' . 

Just make sure you choose a motorhome that is highly sought after when it comes time to sell. This ensures that money can be wisely reinvested in the next stage of your retirement. 

Learn more about cost of ownership in our free essential needs to know before buying a motorhome guide: 

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Low cost of living with highest lifestyle return

Owning a quality motorhome with strong self-contained freedom camping features allows us to live very cost-efficiently in retirement. That's why so many of our customers choose to retire, sell some of their more cumbersome assets and live full-time in a motorhome, enjoying the flexibility and ease that on the road travel can offer. Our focus is redirected from our material needs to emotional experiences, so our overheads significantly reduce . Purchasing fresh vegetables and fruit direct from the farm, farmers markets and local businesses gives us a connection to the communities we visit and helps us live a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Being in the motorhome industry for 12 years has given me insight into so many people's lives and their personal journeys. Dream big, write down your goals, put a timeline on them, have a strategy, and then share them with the people you trust so you are made accountable to them.

There are so many reasons why motorhoming makes for a good retirement plan and why so many dream to achieve this as their retirement goal one day. Talk to us, let us help you map out the process, start downloading some resources and look to decide if motorhoming as a retirement plan is right for you!  

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