Fab festive feasts- how to put on a yummy Christmas spread on the road

It’s incredible what you can create in modern motorhome and caravan kitchens! Even the big Christmas dinner can be spectacular. You don’t need the luxuries of space and equipment like you do at home to make it special. Here are some ideas to help your create an awesome Christmas day spread while you’re holidaying. 

Make a plan

A thorough plan will see everything make it to the table on time. With potentially limited space and equipment to work with, write a list of all the things to do, what you’ll need and how long they’ll take so you don’t get caught short. Include everything, right down to where and when you’ll get the groceries.

Prepare ahead

Lots of dishes can be made or the prep work started ahead of time. For instance, meats can be roasted (and served cold), potatoes can be boiled, salads and slaws can be prepped, vegetables can be pre-chopped, things can be marinated.

Store precooked items wrapped well (or put them in airtight containers) and pop them in the fridge or a chilly bin full of ice. This is where that decent sized fridge/freezer comes in handy. 

Also, think about setting up a table outside (weather permitting) for prep work so you’re not cramped inside on a summers day.


Think outside the box oven

Your stovetop and oven aren’t the only ways to cook when you’re in a motorhome or caravan. Think about how you could utilise the BBQ, stove top or even a simple campfire. If you're at a campsite using the communal kitchen or shared BBQ spaces could be a great way to socialise with other keen travellers. 

Go non-traditional

Another option is to adapt your menu to suit your capabilities. Ditch the bulky hams and turkeys for a different kind of signature dish with ‘wow’ factor, like T bone steaks on the barbie, a lovely crayfish, or fresh fish you caught yourself! Now that would make a special Christmas meal.

Just say no to cooking

Summer’s hot enough already; do something a bit different and commit to a no-cook-Christmas. Here are some yummy menu items that need no oven:

  • Breads and dips
  • Salads and slaws
  • Oysters Kilpatrick
  • Sushi or sashimi
  • Cold cuts
  • Bruschetta
  • Gazpacho
  • For dessert – a fruit platter or fruit salad, trifle, ice cream, bliss balls (or their sinfully delicious cousins - Tim Tam Cheesecake balls), or any number of no-bake fridge slices.

Table platter

All the rage right now, table platters are exactly what they sound like – a table covered in food. Like a giant antipasto platter, not only does a table platter look downright impressive, grazing style meals mean the festivities last longer because you’re not just filling up on one plate. You’ll even find room to slip in some Christmas standards like slices of ham and fancy cheeses. Add a pile of strawberries and meringues and you have dessert sorted too.

people choosing food from table on catering and buffet party on business seminar conference or wedding

Share the load

If you’re travelling with a group or at a campsite or holiday park with others enjoying the motorhome or caravan lifestyle, arrange a group meal with everyone responsible for just one dish. It’s more cost effective, you’ll get a good range of food, and it’s much easier for you to clean up afterwards.

Don’t forget ice!

Perhaps the most important Christmas menu item – something to keep the drinks cold! Stock up and store it in a chilly bin and you’ll be surprised how long ice will last as it keeps itself cool.

Is your mouth watering yet? We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season full of great food, good company and spectacular NZ scenery!

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