Top Tips for Sustainable Motorhoming

13 January 2022

Looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint? Travel greener with these sustainable motorhoming tips

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Staying fit while travelling NZ in a motorhome

9 July 2021

Keep fit when on the road with these tips and tricks from Ashlee.

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5 awesome places to take your motorhome in winter

6 August 2020

Summer is a wonderful season to explore New Zealand in a motorhome. There’s no doubt about that. However, you can have a wonderful time during the colder months, too. In this article, we highlight five awesome places that you might like to visit this winter.

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A first time trip for a motorhome newbie

18 April 2019

I’m an Aussie (don’t hold that against me) who spent most of my family holidays touring Australia in a caravan, mainly visiting surf beaches anywhere from Victoria to the Whitsundays.

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Fab festive feasts- how to put on a yummy Christmas spread on the road

22 November 2018

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Places you can camp in your caravan

5 September 2018

Touring the country in a caravan is an easy, accessible and fun way to explore and adventure in our fantastic country. For many caravans compared to motorhomes are a low-cost alternative to on-road travel meaning you jump into the lifestyle whenever the timing suits! In other words, you don't have to wait until retirement.

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Places you can camp in your motorhome

30 June 2018

New Zealand is one of the few places in the world where self-contained freedom camping is so accessible, well regarded and easy. But that isn't to say freedom camping is your only option when touring the country in a motorhome. There are many different options to stop, park up and spend the night or a few...

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What's on your bucket list?

18 May 2018

It’s a shame that too many people think that they don’t have to worry about their bucket list until they’re older or in retirement. Bucket lists aren’t just a theoretical list of items that people in retirement homes sit around talking about but never actually doing.

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