Questions to ask yourself when thinking about the interior of your new motorhome

When building a motorhome with TrailLite, one of the many benefits is you can pick your own colour scheme. And like building a house, you can find something that suits your personality, taste for adventure and the colours you'll love to be around! 

When you build a motorhome with TrailLite you have the option of choosing from a selection of soft or hard furnishings or going bespoke with our Landmark specification. This is the difference between a "TrailLite specification" and upgrading to "Landmark". These differences will be clearly laid out in the brochure and during any consultation that you have with the team. I like to compare the difference between TrailLite and Landmark interiors to the difference between staying in the Deluxe Room or the Presidential Suite at the Hilton. The Deluxe Room is beautifully appointed and makes up the most number of rooms at the hotel. For example, Deluxe Room 201 is pretty similar to Deluxe Room 202, apart from a few minor differences. When you get to the Presidential Suite the experience and the décor is completely custom, unlike anything else seen throughout the other hotel rooms. The Presidential Suite is our Landmark motorhome. If you really like the power of choice and custom colours, or a motorhome that is completely different in terms of the interior than anything we've ever built before - then make it a Landmark! 

With the TrailLite models, you pick from four different hard furnishing choices for cabinetry, and three soft furnishing options for pillows and duvets.In contrast, with a Landmark your options are almost endless. It is still important no matter which option you go that you've considered the interior colours carefully.

Pictured below is a Landmark 756X:


With a house, changing the interior is somewhat easy - you can change the blinds, replace old furniture or pull up the carpets. With a motorhome it isn't that easy. This is why we encourage you to really be clear on your interior colour scheme from the start and get it right the first time! There are always options to do motorhome renovations, but they are not going to be as readily available as renovating a house. Check out our blog on renovating a motorhome for more ideas. 

If you are wondering why building with TrailLite is so great read our guide to find out more. 

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Choosing furnishings - TrailLite

When designing the new 2021 models, there was a focus on creating a warm and inviting space. Comparisons were drew to high-end apartments, yachts and hotels, to achieve a look that no other motorhome brand has before.

As a result of this, we've really delivered a motorhome that no matter the colour option you pick is going to look and feel amazingly high end. 

The 4 hard furnishing options available:

  • Aurora Oak furniture and kitchen with Surrender White overhead cabinets

  • Aurora Oak furniture with Surrender White kitchen and overhead cabinets

  • Aurora Oak furniture and kitchen with Minx Grey overhead cabinets

  • Aurora Oak furniture with Minx Grey kitchen and overhead cabinets


See below for the Aurora Oak, Surrender White & Minx Grey colours used for our furniture:

The three soft furnishing colors offer a variety of choice. This was done to achieve diverse colour palettes that would provide something for everyone. The options are as follows:


  • Monochrome:

  • Fresh:


  • Tonal:


Choosing Furnishings - Landmark

With all the freedom in the world, it can make it somewhat hard to choose exactly what colours you want permanently in your motorhome.

"How do I pick my colours?" is a question we get asked all the time from both customers and potential customers. Generally, they are concerned that getting the Landmark option or having the power of choice could be difficult and confronting. With guidance and support from the experts, picking unique colours is easy and hassle free.

To help put your mind at ease, I sat down with our interior designer Michelle to get some guidance that will help you when it comes time to do a build consult or even just consider colours with any motorhome you are building! 

Michelles top tips

  1.  The furniture colour covers the largest area of your new motorhome. It is our starting point. Do you like light, dark plain colours, woodgrain, linean design, texture, warm undertones (being yellow/reds) or cooler greys. The furniture colour sets the tone/mood/vibe/brief for the rest of the motorhome.
  2. Perhaps think about exploring colour options (whether it’s the furniture colour, lounge seating, cushions, bedding) that you are not surrounded with in your own home. This puts us in the holiday vibe as soon as we open the door. As these colour tones are often our second favourite colours, we enjoy them while we are away then are quite happy to close the door behind them on our return.
  3. Go on, be daring. Have a little bit of what you love. Again, this probably comes back to colour. Think about the kitchen overheads lacquer colour -  it really isn’t too hard to change out if you tire of it.
  4. Bring me images/or tell me, what you like and don’t like. Perhaps it may have been a vehicle at show, or a friends. I don’t get offended -  its your motorhome, and I will work with you to create your dream. Bring me your inspiration – an art piece, a fabric, an image, a colour.
  5. Don’t get caught up on re sale or designing for someone else in years to come. Design for you and you only.
  6. It is a small space compared to your home so a pop of colour and some brightness really lifts the overall feeling of the motorhome 

Building a motorhome with NZ best motorhome builders, TrailLite, is a wise choice. Not only are you getting the best quality, best floor plans and best customer service, you also get the benefit of heaps of choice when it comes to the look and feel of your motorhome! 

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