When is the best time to buy a motorhome or caravan?

A lot of people ask me the question- when is the best time to buy a motorhome or caravan? However, the question really should be, "when am I most ready to buy a motorhome or caravan?”.

Are you looking to get something in a hurry for the upcoming summer, or is it more about getting it right? Another question to ask yourself, if you were to look back to today in twelve months time, would you be happy with the decision you made, or would you be wishing you took a bit more time to research your decision?

When you've had an assessment with a consultant, you will realise that establishing the “non-negotiables” list is a very important step. Timeline may be important to you and a key non-negotiable however, it's about weighing that up against other factors. You don’t know what you don’t know, and until a subject gets broached, you may not have realised that particular subject could have so much bearing on choosing the right caravan or motorhome.

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Once you have completed a thorough consultation, you'll come to a logical conclusion of what your non-negotiables are, and will be more “ready to buy”.

We have plenty of customers who use our needs assessment service when timeline is important to them - some have a wedding to attend, are keen to get on the road ASAP and thus, timeline is important to them. However they use their "when" alongside all their other requests and are much better equipped to making an informed, not a rushed decision.

Some people ask "are we better to wait for the next show?", but that really comes down to how far along your research journey you are.

I remember talking to a guy at one of the shows, who told me he was going full time, and was at the show to buy. After a few questions, I found out that he had only been researching for two weeks, and the knowledge base he was making his decision on was tiny to say the least. I told him we needed to slow his decision down, as the chances of it ending badly was high.

There is a lot of pressure at shows, with a few “incentives” thrown in the mix for those who are making their decision in this intense situation. There is so much information (and misinformation) that you need to process in a very short time, and sometimes other things are put into the mix that you did not expect ( ie; what’s that new model over there?)

If you are VERY clear on your non-negotiables, and are well researched, the show is a good place to turn up. It's great to confirm that the model you are interested in, is indeed the right model for you, that it will suit your needs today, as well as into the future. You can be confident that when you hand over your hard earned deposit that you are doing the right thing.

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As for the rest of the year, you are more likely to make a solid, well researched decision, without all the pressure & hype of the show hanging over you. Also, the consultant you are dealing with is not having a six way conversation with you and several others, so having their undivided attention should result in a more in depth consultation.

We find motorhome sales to be generally year round, whereas caravans can be a little more seasonal, as a lot of caravans are only utilised in the warmer months of the year, so people's thoughts may only turn to purchasing one at the time. Depending on stock levels, there is the chance the model you want is also what everyone else wants too, so sometimes looking to secure your summer caravan purchase in the middle of winter is not a bad idea.

So if you are looking to buy a caravan or motorhome, ask yourself “Am I ready to buy” and "have I considered all my non-negotiables".

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