Rob Deed

Rob is a Product Specialist at TrailLite. He loves travel, as we all do, but is passionate about design elements and styling. Working at TrailLite is a great synergy.

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A shortage of good quality motorhomes

27 April 2020

So let me guess? You've been thinking of getting a motorhome or caravan for a while, have done a fair bit of research, and now have a list of your top three choices. Then out of the blue, along comes COVID-19 & the world is in lockdown.

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How do you store your caravan?

1 August 2019

It's the question on everyone's lips at the moment- well if I buy it where will I store it? Or you might have already purchased and be looking into your options for storing your new purchase safely.

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Servicing your motorhomes vehicle how to get it right

11 July 2019

There is heaps of confusion out there about servicing your motorhome vehicle. It's one of the most expensive "automobiles" you'll likely ever own, so it's vital that you keep it in tip-top condition.

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Picking the right caravan for your needs

20 June 2019

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Getting the right motorhome or caravan diagnosis

16 May 2019

The internet has thousands of pages of information from self-diagnosing medical issues to what motorhome is the best to buy.

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Caravan Awnings

10 September 2018

Having an awning is generally not a bad idea and with caravans that can often be smaller than typical motorhomes, they add a lot of extra space and sleeping options.

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Motorhome awnings

10 September 2018

So you're thinking about motorhoming and you're trying to decide whether an awning is important? More than likely you haven't seen many motorhomes on the road without one. That's because they are pretty important especially in NZ where the sun is quite harsh and the rain can be relentless. BBQing on that slide out BBQ hubby wanted isn't much fun without some shelter!

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Can a motorhome tow a car, a horse trailer a boat?

10 August 2018

So you have the motorhome, but you've decided you want to take more away with you on your trips. So lets throw a tow bar on the back, hitch up the car, and drive off into the sunset- if only it were that easy!

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