Bed configurations - what will work best for you

Drop-down, twin beds or island bed. What's going to work best for you?

When you are deciding on a motorhome or caravan, one of the very first decisions you will need to make is what kind of bed configuration will work best for you? Is it just going to be the two of you? Are you planning to travel with other friends or family, perhaps a hunting or fishing buddy, or are you taking the grandkids along for the ride? Even if it's just you and your "significant other," there's still plenty to consider.

We always want to give you the best advice and guidance to ensure the model you purchase is just right for you, so we've put together a "Pros and Cons" list for all the bed configurations we have available in our TrailLites...


Above cab queen-size bed and U-Shape lounge. (Available in our 700 Series models only).

Matakana luton bed

Coromandel Ushape lounge

The benefits

  • Best use of space (bedroom is over the otherwise not usable cab area and that leaves the whole body as living space.
  • Bed tucks right out of sight, great for when you are entertaining, as you can divide the areas with the bathroom door.
  • Additional height and big side windows will give you great views over beaches or woodlands when you wake up.
  • Cosy nest feel.
  • Long kitchen.
  • Huge U-shaped lounge with big windows for panoramic views.
  • Lounge is great for people who like to put their feet up, both sides allow for this.
  • Easy additional beds by making the lounge into 2 single beds (or double bed with an insert.


  • Do you get up at night often? If so, will the stairs be an issue? Do you mind sleeping in a confined space?
  • Additional height of the motorhome requires more care, and it may need a taller storage shed.
  • No slideout possible with this floor plan.

Ask yourself

Do you get up at night often? How nimble are you? Do you mind sleeping in confined spaces? Do you sleepwalk? Do you have a hip or knee injury? Do you love entertaining and enjoy a large lounge with great views?

Find out more about the Coromandel here


Drop-down queen-size bed over U-Shape lounge (Available in 300 & 500 Series)

Matakana drop down bedMatakana Ushape loungeThe benefits

  • Great utilisation of space.
  • Beautiful spacious open plan.
  • Motorhome is slightly shorter with this floorplan, so easier to manoeuvre.
  • Great lounge with big windows for panoramic view which is the biggest advantage of this floorplan.
  • Longer kitchen.
  • Great to stretch out with your feet up on either side.
  • Lounge also converts to a lower bed.


  • Bed is slightly raised and is accessed by inbuilt step in stool.
  • Living/sleeping area combined..
  • No slide-out possible with this floor plan.

Ask yourself

What are your sleeping habits? Do you go to bed at the same time or is one of you a night owl and the other an early bird? If your better half sleeps in, are you happy to hang out in the cab with a coffee for breakfast? 
How nimble are you to climb up there and make the bed? Do you get up at night often? Do you have hip or knee injuries? 

Find out more about the Matakana here.


Queen-size island bed

Oakura Island BedOakura loungeThe benefits

  • Big Island bed which can be a showpiece made up with nice linen.
  • Easy to access and make up the bed.
  • Expandable (with an insert squab) for taller people.
  • Bed can be pushed up in a sitting position for day use (reading a book, doing crafts, watching TV).
  • Separate from living area (divided by the bathroom door) great for hiding the bedroom when you have visitors or when you need your own space.
  • Spacious 6 drawer set under the bed, deep overhead and wardrobe on each side of the bed, and storage in the footstep leading to bed.
  • Spacious easy to get into and out of shower.
  • Separate bathroom and shower.
  • Each side has its own bedside table with charging outlets.


  • Lounge is confined to the front with restricted rear views
  • Lounge seats are not long enough to have your legs up.
  • Kitchen is shorter the in the Matakana/Coromandel.

Ask yourself...

Do you and your partner have different sleep patterns? Do you like to retreat every once in a while, to your own space? Are you a bit taller and might need a bit of extra length? Do you love to entertain and have visitors over in your motorhome or are you happy with just sticking to yourself and your loved ones in a smaller lounge area?

Find out more about the Oakura here.


Twin Single Beds

Karapiro twin bedsKarapiro loungeThe Benefits

  • Great for when you need your own space for sleeping and you plan to take a friend instead of your partner.
  • Lots of drawers under the beds and overheads.
  • Box shower offers more privacy.
  • Bedroom open in the centre, gives more feeling of space.

  • Box shower which is more confined than the Oakura corner shower.
  • Confined for very tall people (no way to extend).
  • Wardrobes are slimline on top of each other, you need to reach down to access the lower one.
  • Beds cannot be pushed up into sitting position.

Ask yourself

Are you planning to travel with a friend/sister/brother/hunting, fishing or golfing buddy? Are you a restless sleeper that might disturb the one sleeping next to you in a double bed?  Are you a warm sleeper and your partner is a cold sleeper so you would need different duvets etc?

Find out more about the Karapiro here.


If you want a motorhome or caravan that will work well for your individual needs and stand the test of time, it pays to give the configuration or your bed configuration some serious consideration. Our team at TrailLite are happy to discuss this with you at any time, give us a call!

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