A few top tips on Christchurch motorhome and caravan destinations

20 September 2017

Great motorhome and caravan destinations quite literally surround Christchurch and it's not a bad destination in itself both for traveling and for purchasing a motorhome or caravan.

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Motorhomes and caravans - what are the real costs?

8 September 2017

It’ll transform your life, but a motorhome or caravan can be one of the most expensive purchases you ever make. However, once you've got the initial purchase price out of the way, a motorhome or caravan can be a surprisingly cost-effective lifestyle choice.

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Motorhome warranties: what are they and what do you get?

7 September 2017

A motorhome warranty is an important part of any purchasing decision. There are so many motorhomes for sale in New Zealand most offering some form of a motorhome warranty - but which ones are the best? and what should you look for?

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Motorhome building like a pro

30 August 2017

Building a new motorhome is a lot like building a house, but do it right and it can be a fun, enjoyable and stress free process. One without the hassle of council consents, backyard builders and budget blow out!

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8 tips for smart motorhome buying

25 August 2017

This is the default value for Making an investment in a motorhome is nearly as big as deciding on what house to buy. How many bedrooms? What location? And what is it made out of? Quickly turns into how much solar power will I need? What’s the best base vehicle for me and how do I make sure I buy something that will suit my needs?

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The top 10 New Zealand motorhome destination

11 August 2017

Featured on many bucket lists is travelling New Zealand and to relish in all the natural beauty the country has to offer. Whether that be exploring the lush rainforests of Westlands National Park or hiking up Mt Tongarairo, there is no shortage of captivating locations to see!

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Calling it a day on the boating past time

4 August 2017

We have always been a boating family – pot fishing, game fishing, diving, coastal cruising – that was our life. Then came the day we had to admit it was all getting in the too hard basket – it was time to call it a day.

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Auckland mum sells house and moves into caravan

4 August 2017

As Auckland house prices were on the rise one TrailLite customer and now Bailey caravan owner Rosemary Holmes, sold up her residential property and brought a home of a different style without needing to compromise on comfort, location or luxury.

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