Why you should get a consultation before buying a motorhome

4 March 2021

Are you planning to buy a motorhome? Good on you! Don’t rush things though, speak with a knowledgeable consultant before signing on the ‘dotted line.’

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5 awesome places to take your motorhome in winter

6 August 2020

Summer is a wonderful season to explore New Zealand in a motorhome. There’s no doubt about that. However, you can have a wonderful time during the colder months, too. In this article, we highlight five awesome places that you might like to visit this winter.

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What is it like renovating a motorhome?

30 April 2020

While buying a new motorhome or caravan is a great option for a lot of people, buying pre-owned can be a better alternative for many others. That could be due to a multitude of factors including budget, availability or simply coming across the right motorhome on the pre-owned market.

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A shortage of good quality motorhomes

27 April 2020

So let me guess? You've been thinking of getting a motorhome or caravan for a while, have done a fair bit of research, and now have a list of your top three choices. Then out of the blue, along comes COVID-19 & the world is in lockdown.

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Click and collect handovers

22 April 2020

We know you have been looking forward to collecting your new motorhome or caravan for some time. The handover day is usually a very exciting time, even for us. However, in alert level three, we need to do things a little bit differently.  

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What impact could Covid-19 have on the motorhome industry in NZ?

15 April 2020

Over 3 million kiwis travel overseas annually, and the planned spend for 2020 was 10 billion dollars on international travel.... something that is now entirely off the cards for the foreseeable future. So for all those with travel in their blood and a thirst for adventure, what do we do now? 

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Questions to ask yourself when thinking about the interior of your new motorhome

26 March 2020

When building a motorhome one of the many benefits is you can pick your own colour scheme. And like building a house you can find something that suits your personality, taste for adventure and the colours you'll love to be around! 

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TrailLite Covid-19 Response

24 March 2020

Yesterday marked a milestone in New Zealand history with the announcement that all non-essential businesses must close for an initial period of four weeks.

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