Maintaining your motorhome and caravan- what are the yearly maintenance requirements

23 July 2019

A motorhome or caravan is, for most, an expensive purchase and one you'll be committed to keeping in the best possible condition. Like a car or a house, motorhomes and caravans require regular and consistent love and attention but not too much to put you off! It's just about understanding the basics and be open to a maintenance schedule that will pay off in the long run.

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Servicing your motorhomes vehicle how to get it right

11 July 2019

There is heaps of confusion out there about servicing your motorhome vehicle. It's one of the most expensive "automobiles" you'll likely ever own, so it's vital that you keep it in tip-top condition.

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Getting ready to hit the road again- 10 essential pre-summer checks

28 November 2018

It’s almost peak travel season. If your motorhome or caravan didn’t get much use over the winter months, here’s a handy list to help whip it into shape, ready for your summer adventures.

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Motorhome warranties: what are they and what do you get?

7 September 2017

A motorhome warranty is an important part of any purchasing decision. There are so many motorhomes for sale in New Zealand most offering some form of a motorhome warranty - but which ones are the best? and what should you look for?

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Why TrailLite?

14 July 2017

We pride ourselves on being the knowledgeable experts in all things motorhome and caravan. Part of that expertise has come from over 60 years connecting our customers with their dream lifestyles. We believe its important to resource our potential customers with information ensuring they make a wise decision every time.

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