Heading to Europe? Buy here, pick up there.

Are you wanting to buy a Motorhome?

Are you wanting to travel Europe in said Motorhome?

With overseas travel finally available again, people are itching to head to all the hot destinations. You’ve got London, you’ve got Paris, you’ve got Rome, and the list goes on. There is an abundance of campgrounds scattered throughout Europe, so you’ll never be far from a freshwater outlet or power source. Motorhoming is a brilliant, cost-effective way to explore, as you can save on accommodation and food expenses. Driving is also such a good way to see things you usually wouldn’t if you were on public transport - the little local family-owned eateries, wineries, businesses etc.

Campground in EuropeClick here to see some of the most popular destinations in Europe. It's a great place to start planning your trip

Once you have decided on where you want to go, you then need to find something to do, and what better way than this website, 51 Things in Europe that Every Traveller Needs to Experience

Motorhome driving in Europe

UK Pickup

TrailLite offers a great package to allow New Zealanders to travel from London, all the way to Naples and beyond, in their very own motorhome. You buy here in New Zealand, fly to the UK, explore Europe and then, we bring your new motorhome back to New Zealand for you. It couldn't be easier!

  • Firstly, decide which model you would like, we need as much time as possible as they are made to order, I wouldn't leave it any later than 4-5 months prior to departure to arrange.
  • Pay the $10,000 deposit which secures the price and build slot.
  • We require full payment 6 weeks prior to collection. This enables us to begin the registration process.
  • After your 28-hour flight to the UK, you can head to one of the locations listed below, to feast your eyes on your new prized possession.
  • Pick up your motorhome from one of the 12 locations listed below.
  • Get taught, step by step, how to use your new motorhome before driving off.
  • Explore Europe!
  • Once you've finally had enough of travelling (or the bank has run dry!), you can drop it back at any one of the locations listed below.
  • TrailLite will then arrange for it to be shipped home and take care of all compliance and registration requirements for New Zealand.
  • We will then arrange a date for you to collect your motorhome.
  • Explore New Zealand!

Pick-up locations

  • View of lake in EuropeBerkshire
  • Devon
  • Dorset
  • County Durham
  • Gloucestershire
  • Hampshire
  • Lancashire
  • Northampton
  • South Yorkshire
  • Worcester
  • Suffolk
  • Surrey
  • East Sussex

Helpful websites

London BridgeIf you're exploring England first, Best Motorhome Sites is really helpful.

To travel from England to France, you can take the Eurotunnel (Folkestone to Calais), or the Dover Ferry (Dover To Calais), both are memorable experiences. 

Here's some good advice on how to get started with motorhoming in France.

Click here for The Guardians 20 best campsites in Europe 

Churwalden CoasterOne of my favourite places to stay in Europe, is Switzerland, The Lazy Rancho campsite is such a beautiful spot being so central.  One of all time fun little excursions is the Churwalden Pradaschier Coaster. With 31 curves and a height difference of 480 meters the toboggan run twists and turns down into the valley. At a length of just over 3kms it’s the longest run in Switzerland and a real adrenaline rush.


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