How do you finance a motorhome or caravan?

29 November 2017

Know you're keen on the motorhome or caravan lifestyle but not sure exactly what your budget is? Or have you found the perfect product but you need to sell a house or property first? Finance could be the answer for you.

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Understanding the basics in motorhome terminology and lingo

27 November 2017

Learning the basics of motorhome lingo can be challenging especially when you're researching. One person will tell you why WOF is so much better than COF and throw in the benefits of a low GVM all while you're thinking GV.... WHAT?

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5 reasons why motorhoming is a good retirement option

17 November 2017

Motorhoming is not only an option for the retired and hundreds of different demographics turn to a motorhome or caravan as their preferred lifestyle. However, it's certainly fast becoming more and more popular as the desired lifestyle choice for so many reaching retirement.

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Motorhome or caravan - how do I decide what works for me?

10 November 2017

We got talking to a couple over the weekend who during our one or so hour conversation tossed back and forth between a motorhome or caravan as the right option for them. So welcome the inspiration for this blog- how do you decide whether a motorhome or caravan is more suited to your lifestyle?

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Motorhome and Caravan Insurance

9 November 2017

Part of TrailLite's handover service is to secure all our customers special rates with either Campercare or Covi Insurance Policies for their motorhome or caravan. Meaning when you drive away in your new or used motorhome or caravan from any of the TrailLite branches (Auckland or Christchurch) you know and we know that you're well covered!

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Murrays magic motorhome tour

9 November 2017

In September I spent two weeks travelling the nation from Puhoi to Invercargill including Christchurch and everywhere else in between, in a Camper. The adventure was with Magic my radio station as we met up with listeners and held events all over this great nation.

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