Caravans for beginners

20 July 2017

Deciding you want a new adventure filled lifestyle is the easy part. Figuring out how and what caravan fits into that can be a little more difficult. Especially without all the information - that's why if you read on you'll figure out all the details about caravanning for beginners and some basic tips and tricks to get you on the way with your research journey.

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Why TrailLite?

14 July 2017

We pride ourselves on being the knowledgeable experts in all things motorhome and caravan. Part of that expertise has come from over 60 years connecting our customers with their dream lifestyles. We believe its important to resource our potential customers with information ensuring they make a wise decision every time.

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The best way to travel around New Zealand

13 July 2017

Take the bus they said, it will be fun they said, it’s easy and cost effective they said and sometimes what they say is wrong! There are so many great ways to see our amazing country including going by motorhome (even better when it’s your own one). So let’s look at all the ways you could enjoy domestic travel – we know what our preference is but we’ll leave it to you to decide yours.

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Christchurch Boat, Motorhome and Caravan Show

6 July 2017

TrailLite Motorhomes and Caravans not only builds dream motorhomes but builds dream lifestyles. By heading along to our stand at the Christchurch Boat, Motorhome and Caravan Show you'll find out everything you need to know about the lifestyle and the best products on the market.

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5 amazing things you don't know about Auto-Sleeper motorhomes (but should)

5 July 2017

So you're starting to explore motorhoming in New Zealand? And want a new motorhome that's top quality but doesn't cost the earth? Well you've come to the right place. Read on to find out why an Auto-Sleeper motorhome might be just what you are looking for...

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Traillite Christchurch Motor Home and Caravan Centre Now Open

8 May 2017

As always we've been busy trying to find ways to continue to improve our South Island motorhome and caravan offerings and now we are happy to announce that we've moved to a new location in Christchurch.

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The TrailLite Service Centre

31 March 2017

It's safe to say everyone here at TrailLite Motorhomes and Caravans is pretty excited about the opening of the new TrailLite Service Centre. We've all seen it and are vying for office space in the new impressive, world-class facility that is sure to impress everyone that walks through its doors.

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Buying tips for the Covi Motorhome and Caravan Show

3 March 2017

Nearly every business if not EVERY business involved in the Motorhome and Caravan industry attend this show from the best NZ made motorhomes (TrailLite obviously) to awning suppliers, camping equipment, deck chairs even the infamous air blow up lounger thingies... its not a show without those guys!

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