We got together!

21 February 2017

Many believe that the truly special, unique and one of a kind nature of TrailLite comes from the bespoke kiwi made nature of our product but in reality it's so much more than that. It's the heart, life and soul of our customers out there exploring NZ in all the...

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Wanaka 759X Review

20 January 2017

We are lucky enough to have a beautiful landmark version of the Wanaka 759X currently on sale at our Christchurch yard. Its colour scheme is contemporary, luxurious and really shows how world-class a TrailLite motorhome is.

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Christmas Roadie Survival Tips

21 December 2016

It's that time again... it's time to be merry, explore NZ in your motorhome or caravan and enjoy the summer with family and friends. Everyone here at TrailLite wants to wish you all a safe, festive and happy kiwi summer.

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What to expect when taking the car ferry from North Island to South Island

14 December 2016

Thinking of heading South for the Summer? Or are you one of our South Islanders keen to explore the North Island? In light of your upcoming summer journeys we've gone on a roadie and crossed the passage between the North and the South and prepared some information with everything you need to...

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November TrailLite Update

29 November 2016

We're well and truly closing in on what has been another exciting year for TrailLite Motorhomes and Caravans. We have introduced new models, with another arriving only this week, known as the Benimar Tessoro. We've undergone significant changes for the 2017 TrailLite and continue to enhance our commitment to service with new investments...

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How to sell your motorhome and avoid wasting your time

17 November 2016

Recently I had the privilege to be invited to the launch of the new Australian made, Bailey Rangefinder Caravan, at their new factory in Melbourne.

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Get in quick with the new look Benimar motorhome

21 October 2016

The TrailLite team are excited about the arrival of the 2017 Benimar Models which feature amazing new upgrades, an on trend look and feel and specification never seen before in ‘value’ motorhomes. Adam Newman, Operations Manager at TrailLite, recently returned from a trip to the UK.

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New motorhome design innovations on the way from Traillite

9 September 2016

This morning's sales team meeting was high jacked and replaced with something much more exciting, revolutionary and set to change the face of the TrailLite motorhome. Something so big in fact that our inspiring sales manager, Mandy Davies, was replaced at the helm of the 'meeting' ship by Shaun Newman and...

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