Get in quick with the new look Benimar motorhome

21 October 2016

The TrailLite team are excited about the arrival of the 2017 Benimar Models which feature amazing new upgrades, an on trend look and feel and specification never seen before in ‘value’ motorhomes. Adam Newman, Operations Manager at TrailLite, recently returned from a trip to the UK.

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New motorhome design innovations on the way from Traillite

9 September 2016

This morning's sales team meeting was high jacked and replaced with something much more exciting, revolutionary and set to change the face of the TrailLite motorhome. Something so big in fact that our inspiring sales manager, Mandy Davies, was replaced at the helm of the 'meeting' ship by Shaun Newman and...

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Keen to Leave the Big Smoke Behind?

24 August 2016

Part of what makes motorhoming in a TrailLite great is the ability to enjoy all the comforts of a 5 star hotel when out and about exploring on the road. Many of our TrailLite Family have made the lifestyle choice to become fulltime explorers and trade in the family home...

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Be on Trend with a Compact Motorhome

1 August 2016

Over the last 12 months more and more people have been turning to the Benimar Mileo range as a trend setter for compact motorhomes. They offer the luxury and comfort one looks for when it comes to motorhoming but feature a shorter overall length.

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The Next Great Idea Winner

28 July 2016

As part of TrailLites commitment to continual improvement and producing a product that’s designed by you - the 2017 model will include Ron and Lee Sturch’s winning idea submitted as part of the Next Great Design Idea campaign.

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A Life of Adventure on the Road

25 July 2016

Since 1993 Sam and Christine Carter have been living the good life- a life they say isn’t unachievable for the masses. Traveling and exploring in their home on wheels a new view, city or country every week.

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Mid Winter Expo - A sign of the growing industry

4 July 2016

The weekend started with a crisp -1 degree frost covering the TrailLite Expo Yard but with the heaters on inside the motorhome and caravans, the superior insulation featured across the TrailLite range and the hot soup flowing, everyone quickly thawed out and got into the swing of living their lifestyle dream.

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New Heights for the TrailLite Service Centre

22 June 2016

TrailLite has been a feature in the motorhome and caravan industry since 1954 and over that time has helped more and more kiwis live their lifestyle dream. In recent years the industry has experienced unprecedented growth and with that come the challenges of keeping up with demand for manufacturing and servicing.

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